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Number 3: Dancing and Singing LOUDLY


So this one comes from a very long weekend dealing with my family and an equally long day dealing with inane students. So I get in my car to come home and am thinking about writing this on Baking (it will have to wait now!) in honor of The Great British Bake Off, but the journey is slow and I start to crumble. Sadly not he first time traffic has reduced me to tears. I feel I should defend myself here – my journey although a reasonable 30 minutes is sometime elongated to an hour and a half, it’s annoying and all too frequent. Anyway, so instead of freaking out like I did last Friday I decide to take advantage of the traffic and put in the Pitch Perfect soundtrack. 

What happens next can be only described as miraculous. 

I go from stressed out and frustrated teacher and driver to crazy singing and dancing woman who really doesn’t give a crap about whether or not other drivers are staring. 

Yes, as it turns out, I am that person in the traffic jam who dances and sings, LOUDLY. It is the best thing to do whenever you are stressed, trust me. Turn the music up loud so you can’t hear yourself (then for the those of us who are a little vain it doesn’t matter if we sound awful!) and then let rip. This weather is also perfect for the dancing part. The windows steamed up and rain pouring down it means that you feel as though no one can see you. Seriously, get that head moving, arms waving, hands slamming the steering wheel, and if it’s safe to do so the legs too, why not? It is so therapeutic and bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

There is also a rather selfless perk to this and I do see this all the time. When stuck in a queue while you are singing and dancing just cast your eyes around and you will see people laughing and smiling back at you, it’s great, it brings a bit of sunshine to those of you too shy to get involved. 

So there you go,next time you have a bad day and get stuck in traffic use your car as your own personal club and karaoke box and I guarantee you will feel better, not worse, by the time you get home.