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Number 12: Doctor Who


Rather appropriately I had set aside this particular cheerful thought for last weekend. I was all set to write, logged on, ready and raring to go. Then the website crashed. Whoops.

So I put it to one side, telling myself that I would come back to it the next day, telling myself it would be even better as I would have actually seen the great 50th episode by then.

And then I caught flu. Proper dizzy, blocked up, world spinning, legs aching flu. I was out for the week.

So here I am, almost fully recovered, vaguely panicking about a mammoth parent’s evening, attempting to right the wrong of a missed post. My deepest and sincerest apologies.

I am sorry to say, despite the premise of this blog and the determined cheerfulness I set myself, it has not been a very cheerful week. I shan’t go into it here, as that is not the point. But I would like to say that Doctor Who always sees me through. In fact he’s one of the great inspirations for teachers. Whenever it feels as though I’m too tired and fed up of blank expressions to go on I just slip into ‘The Doctor’ mode and the kids suddenly pay attention to the raving lunatic in front of them. Seriously. It works.

Also, I’m sorry, but whose fans are nicer that Doctor Who’s? Nicer, more devoted, polite. (With the exception of the browncoats possibly) I mean, The Doctor’s fans are like a family, and are embraced as such. What other fanbase would shut down their forums in order to protect the secret of John Hurt when DVDs had been sent out too soon? I can’t think of any. And when you become a Doctor Who fan (a proper one, not a ‘I guess it’s cool’ one) then you are welcomed wholeheartedly into that world. When you meet another fan, it’s like automatically gaining a friend; just because you both like the same TV programme.

I think the BBC did an outstanding job with the 50th, I really do. All the extra programmes, radio shows, publicity was excellent and enjoyable. And the episode itself, woah. How cool was that? Changing the whole face of The Doctor. I hope Steven Moffat knows he left a few tiny plot holes and will fill those in, but I can forgive him that when he delivered such an wonderful episode. And in 3D no less.

So there you have, my slightly (ok maybe gushing would be an appropriate word) dedication to Doctor Who. It’s the only TV show that can make you laugh, cry, laugh, grip the seat, hide behind a cushion and sob at the end all in a 50 minute episode. It even manages to teach you a little bit too. So just for that, it is my cheerful thought. Every time I think of it, the world just seems to brighten a tiny bit; The Doctor is in it.