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Number 5: Macmillan and doing something good


Ok, so today’s post is dedicated to Macmillan and other similar charities who do so much good to so many people. This is because yesterday my school took part in the coffee morning, cakes and children are always a successful mix and it proved no different yesterday. For the third year running I also donated my skills as a baker (this time it was Nigella’s rocky road recipe, equally as amazing and all day I had students coming up to me thanking me for the cake. It was a big hit and it always is. The only down side being that one of my students had six pieces before he came to class and as a consequence was as high as a kite on sugar. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to worry about the crash he surely must have got later on in the day).

The reason I do this every year and the reason I go and buy the cakes and donate whatever change happens to be in my purse, is not from some desperate need to do something good, it is from a far more selfish place. A few years ago I got very sick, really ill and it wasn’t until last year that I finally got a diagnosis and treatment (and am now fully recovered, thank goodness) but for two years I was tested for every type of cancer and serious illness there was. As a consequence of this I started to feel a deep, heartfelt gratitude to all those who put their time and effort into helping people, just like me, who didn’t get so lucky. So I started to give back in one small way that I could; I baked.

I think this is probably the best campaign from a charity so far. Children in Need works brilliantly, Comic Relief too, but when you ask the students what they actually want to take part in, unsurprisingly cake usually comes first. Feed them sugar and they’re happy.

Now the reason why this is included in one of my 52 positive thoughts is because when I do things like baking for Macmillan, or supporting cancer research or any other charity I feel an affinity for – even though at it’s core lies a selfish act it actually feels wonderful to be part of something, something that is wholly good. Doing something for someone else is in every way selfish – but that is the great thing about it. It helps people, it provides support, drinking water, care, medical supplies, you name it, and in return it makes the giver feel wonderful.

So there you go; do something good and it really does cheer you up. Or as Macmillan themselves put it, have your cake and eat it too.