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Number 13: Christmas Trees


I’m not even going to attempt to apologise, just frantically try to catch up. (Also, anyone know how I can change the spell check to let it know I’m English, as opposed to American???)

So, Christmas trees. I love them, love their smell more specifically. There is nothing quite like Christmas tree shopping. I went yesterday with the fiance (having postponed for as long as I could, don’t ask it’s just part of the tradition) and it never fails to cheer me up. I love looking at all the options, making decisions as to which ones are the best, watching as the fiance struggles to lift them out of the pile while I stand by and shout directions. Of course it’s incredibly festive, if it wasn’t there must surely be something wrong with them, but there is also just something else that makes it so much fun. 

I always put it down to the smell. I LOVE the smell, probably because it smells of home. Live in the country, in England, and it smells of pine needles and fresh air. And for one month a year you can have that smell in your home, ready and waiting to cheer you up whenever you walk through the door. 

So there you have it, Christmas trees and their wonderful smell.