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Number 11: Daydreams


I was having trouble thinking up a cheerful thought for this week. Wedding arguments have caused riffs between my eldest sibling, Mother and me making me feel pretty miserable. Also, work has been fairly heavy going, not helping with the whole bad back scenario. But then, on Wednesday, the solution to all my problems came to me. If only I had Piper’s powers (from Charmed). From then on the week was a doddle, as every time someone annoyed me, I fantasized about freezing them and messing with their head by moving stuff around or just plain walking away. It may sound a little weird, but trust me, in situations where you are completely powerless fantasizing about hitting them with some grade-A magic really does make it feel better. For example, I have a rather useless colleague who has been even more useless this week, one of those people who suck you dry and expects total, devotional, exclusive friendship and sympathy. Well, at the beginning of this week they were driving me especially mental. I am going through some health issues (another reason for my dud week) and they are going through some personal ones, but for some reason I am able to stay private and professional at work and they are not. It was slowly driving me off a cliff. Anyway, so then I treated myself on Tuesday to an evening of Charmed (netflix is an amazing invention!), and the whole rest of the week, any time they began to speak or annoy me, I dipped into fantasy land and tuned them out with a flick of my hands; suddenly everything became much less stressful.

Charmed isn’t the only daydream that gets me through the day. When I used to travel I would daydream constantly on journeys, passing the time, keeping away boredom and on some occasions making me feel a little less lonely. I would daydream about everything, from the heroic to the romantic, and when very little, about being in Star Wars (the Millennium Falcon would come and rescue me from school and zoom me away across the galaxy to fight Darth Vader. It was awesome, trust me). Most of them, I grant you, focus about a science fiction / fantasy theme, but it you’re going to start making up a world in your head, why not go completely over the top?

In the world inside my head I am not ill, overworked, sworn at by prepubescent children, or anything of the above. Instead I am allowed a stress free existence for a few blissful seconds. My favorite daydreams, and probably the ones I have played the most often, are ones which slot into real life. Ones that take place here, like my Charmed daydream, but just put a slight twist on the normal. This is probably because they successfully complete their purpose without me having to think that hard; they are entertaining. They, like a good film or TV show, (many thanks to Charmed and Gilmore Girls in particular, but also not forgetting the wonderful and unforgettable Firefly – another one of my favorites) cause you escape reality and be entertained for the ten seconds it takes to conjure it up in your head.

Next time someone really annoys you (up to an including relationship discord), just do what I do and ‘Piper’ them and see how you feel afterwards.