Number 9: Sunsets


Ok, so this one may be a little bit more on the soppy side, but honestly, who does not like a good sunset?

I was sitting in my study, attacking the waist high stack of marking I have for half term, when I look to my left and see wonderful splashes of pink, gold and indigo across the sky (my apologies, my camera did not do it justice, but I tried). It immediately made me a feel better, which is impressive because it has been quite the fortnight.

I should really have started by apologizing for my lack of posts lately. I have a bad back and at the beginning of last week it decided to surrender, so I was banned from sitting at my desk and therefore from blogging. I try to keep my promises as my fiance always does an excellent job of taking care of me, and it seems that it is the least I can do to repay him.

Anyway, so now my back is feeling remarkably better and I am able to blog again, yay! And the first thing I wanted to tell you all about was the sunset. It was gorgeous. Not just that one either, I’ve always loved sunsets and the way they turn my study into a warm golden glow (which is painted bright yellow precisely so that it will capture those warm tones of a gorgeous sunset…ok, maybe I am a getting a little nerdy). The other day I was driving home (I know, with a bad back, not the world’s best idea), and saw another wonderful collection of colour hovering just above the motorway. It made the journey home so much better just to have something gorgeous and colourful to look at.

Anyway, so here is my attempt at capturing a beautiful sunset, complete with view from my window, please feel free to add your own! In fact I insist.



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