Number 10: My niece


Now I’m trying to make up for lost time, and seem to be on a roll so you lovely people get two in one afternoon! I am totally not procrastinating – the marking will surely do itself if it sits on my desk long enough…

So, number 10, my toddler niece BUT only when they are happy and/or calm. Let me put this one in context for you. I have just spent the afternoon babysitting my niece, who is gorgeous and hilarious. She really is the sweetest, most perfect little thing – when she is happy and calm. Her smile is stunning, her giggle wonderful, and if I would allow myself, being the proud and slightly soppy Auntie that I am, I could go on about her for the whole blog. And trust me, there would be some painful and cringe worthy metaphors and similes in there somewhere too. But no, I will stop there. Suffice to say she has successfully helped me avoid work for the whole day (sorry Year 11) and been truly good fun to hang out with. We chased chickens and ducks across my parents lawn, complete with the accompanying noises and impressions, the poor dogs got stroked enough for the rest of their lives, and we chased each other indoors until old Auntie Frankie had to have a lie down.

When it was time to go home with Granny and Grandpa, she blew me a kiss and promptly fell asleep –  I felt like doing the same but sadly I had to drive myself back home instead. So now I am sitting in my study, at home, and reflecting on an afternoon very well spent. I can still smell her slightly sweet smell on my clothes (she fell asleep on my lap), and feel far more relaxed and at peace than I did this morning, despite the fact that my list of to do jobs hasn’t lessened at all.

So there you go, ever feeling unbearably stressed out, hang out with a happy toddler (preferably one related to you) for an afternoon and everything just slides back into perspective.

PS, Usually I hate small children, can’t stand them, so if I’m saying this works, it really must!


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