Number 8: Gilmore Girls



So, here it is, a little late, but finally I have discovered something else that makes me smile and got me through last year. The Gilmore Girls. Fast talking, intelligent and successful women who just happen to be mother and daughter and incredibly funny.

I love Gilmore Girls for its escapism from reality, and obviously for Lorelei and Rory, as well as Luke and Jessie, Logan and Suki, Michelle, etc. The list goes on. It is not often that you can watch a TV series and really believe in those characters. As someone who grew up in a small town I can vouch for the fact that these places actually do exist, complete with eccentric characters, (yes, even horny, motherly Patty).

Today, when I came home after a grueling day at school, in the midst of all this strike stuff, causing frictions amongst the staff and students, as well as exam scripts to mark and assessments to get back on time, not to mention doing it all on 4 hours sleep because yesterday we took some students to London to watch Blood Brothers and didn’t get home until 1:30, I found that the only thing I wanted to do was sit back, eat ice cream and watch Gilmore Girls. In essence; I wanted to escape.

Therefore I am sharing my secret to a stress free evening with you lovely people. Watch and enjoy. It really does make every stressful little thing fade into nothingness.

PS, the clip above is one of my favourites. Fairly late on in the seven series run, it is the culmination for a series long feud between all members of the Gilmore family. Funny and sweet and occasionally wonderfully real.


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