Number 6: Duvet days


Aren’t duvets wonderful? Really, whoever invented their delicious softness should win an award, maybe a Nobel prize. There is nothing more reassuring or comforting than a duvet.

Having trawled around shops yesterday looking for bridesmaid dresses that all three of my bridesmaids liked, and we could afford, I staggered home and sunk into the duvet. The big, soft, wonderful king size duvet. And pretty much refused to move until four o’clock this afternoon.

It may have been lazy, but trust me, it was bliss.

Of course all of this may be linked to the fact I have managed to catch flu from my students, so am feeling pretty knackered and grotty anyway, but it doesn’t lessen my love of the duvet. It just gave me a reasonable excuse to stay in one and watch terrible films all day. (That’s another story, terrible films that are just brilliant, guilty pleasures. The film today was ‘The Princess and The Marine’ and God was it awful and yet perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.)

So, here I am, still wrapped up in my heavenly duvet, my cocoon of deliciousness, writing my 6th favourite thing in the world. And today, it really couldn’t have been anything else.


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