Number One: Massages


I could write about a million things for my first happy thought, but I think I’m going to stick with this one: Massages. Having just returned from my first ever back, shoulder, neck massage I can unequivocally announce that there is (as far as I am concerned) nothing better than a good massage. My joints clicked, my knots untied and my eyelids fluttered closed. It was truly astonishing.

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first. Who in their right mind wants to be semi-naked with a complete stranger in a locked room? Not only that but I was more than a little concerned it would hurt; my back is in pretty rough shape with a kink, trapped nerves and slipped disks, I was terrified she would knock something and I’d have to start the new term with a bad back…again.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It was heavenly.  But it did hurt, a lot in places, but one of those wonderful ‘good’ hurts where you just know it is sorting something out, and afterwards I was rewarded with a back that hadn’t felt this good since I was a teenager, before my big fall down the stairs that rather knocked my poor spine sideways.

Oh and the smell! Let me tell you about the smell. It couldn’t have been more wonderful. I am not the sort of person who loves scents, I get asthmatic and clogged up with even the mildest perfume, but this was just perfect. Vaguely spiced (it smelt like Christmas) with some kind of fruity, orangey undertones, it immediately began to relax me. I still smell of it even now and was sniffing it all the way home as I battled traffic, daring it to continue working and much to my surprise it did. Although not completely relaxed on the way home I was definitely less stressed than I would have been normally.

There is one last point I would like to make about massages, it is the customer care. Having a stranger be friendly and ask how you are and seem to be really interested in the answer, I find, is one of life’s great pleasures and one I will come back to later. Just to cover it quickly in this context, is there anyone who can tell me, hand on heart, that they don’t get a little glow inside of them every time someone is nice to them even though it is their job to be nice?

So, number one is done: massages. I suggest you try one, they are truly wonderful things to behold and will certainly keep me going during this first week of yet another year long slog.


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