The premise


Good afternoon on this glorious sunny day. All seems well with the world, the rabbits are eating the grass (and have just demolished my roses…again. Rabbit stew is looking like an ever more inviting evening meal), the bees are buzzing (especially annoyed as their flowers are now gone. Stupid rabbits) and the sun is shining. And so, in a little English garden I am starting my first post. 

The premise behind this blog is to write about all the little things that can cheer up an overworked, underpaid teacher (or indeed anyone who is in a similar position and may need a little boost!). The idea came to me one evening this summer holiday whilst reflecting on the last academic year. It was a shockingly exhausting one. One that I would not care to repeat. Ever. 

So, instead of whining about how awful it all was, over the course of the next academic year I am going to attempt to recount everything that made me smile, everything that cheered me up and anything that continues to do so. It’s about keeping positive and cheerful and I hope helps to cheer someone else up at the same time. 


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